Snow plow plowing a street

Seasonal Snow Removal: We Keep Your Business Clear and Safe

Snow and ice accumulation on driveways and sidewalks can present significant challenges for transportation and safety, making snow removal an essential service that Montgomery Brinkman provides.

The Importance of Prompt Snow Removal at Your Business

  1. Ensuring Safety

One of the primary reasons for seasonal snow removal is to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. Accumulated snow and ice on lots and driveways can lead to hazardous conditions, increasing the risk of accidents. Prompt snow removal helps prevent traffic accidents, slips, and falls, making it safer for everyone.

  1. Maintaining Accessibility

Snow removal is crucial to maintaining accessibility. During heavy snowfall, sidewalks and parking lots can become impassable, making it challenging for emergency services, school buses, and commuters to get to the front door. Clearing the snow allows everything to function smoothly even during harsh winter conditions.

  1. Economic Impact

Snow and ice buildup can have a significant economic impact. Businesses can suffer as customers are unable to reach their stores, and employees may struggle to get to work. In some cases, extreme weather can lead to prolonged shutdowns, causing a loss of revenue and productivity. Our seasonal snow removal mitigates these economic disruptions.

Snow Removal Service

  1. Plowing

Our snow plows will be a common sight during the winter months at your facility. These specialized vehicles are equipped with blades that push snow to the side of the pavement. Plowing is an effective method for clearing large quantities of snow quickly, making parking lots and roads passable for vehicles.

  1. Salting and Sanding

In addition to plowing, salt and sand are used to prevent ice from forming or to provide traction on icy sidewalks and pavement. Salt helps melt snow and ice, while sand provides grip on slippery surfaces. A combination of these methods is often used for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Snow Blowing

Snow blowers are used for areas with less traffic or where plows cannot easily access, such as narrow sidewalks. We use a powerful fan to blow snow to the side, creating clear pathways.

Seasonal snow removal is a vital service that Montgomery Brinkman provides which keeps businesses functioning during the winter months. It ensures safety on the roads, accessibility for all, and minimizes economic disruptions. By utilizing a combination of plowing, salting, and sanding, communities can effectively combat the challenges that winter weather brings.