Outdoor Fall Cleanup: Preparing Your Outdoor Spaces for Winter

No one understands the need to prepare for winter more than Minnesotans.  Autumn arrives and heads into winter quickly. It demands dedicated efforts by Montgomery Brinkman to keep your outdoor spaces in top shape. We offer each of the following services to be performed:

Leaf Removal

Fallen leaves find their way into any feasible place you can imagine.  From the corners of your building to the gutters, we make sure everything is clean and ready for the snowy days ahead.

Property Grass Care / Mowing

We start by mowing the grass a bit shorter than usual before the first frost. This helps prevent disease and pest issues during the winter. Additionally, we often will aerate the soil to allow better water and nutrient absorption. Where needed, we fertilize your property grass to ensure that it has the nutrients it needs to thrive in the coming months.

Landscaping Cleanup

Landscape beds and flower patches also need winterization. We remove dead plants, trim back perennials, and clear out any debris that may have accumulated. If you have any annual plants that won’t survive the winter, we pull them out and dispose of them properly.

Pruning and Trimming

Fall is an excellent time for pruning and trimming some types of shrubs and trees. On the plants that prefer fall trimming, we remove any dead or diseased branches to promote healthy growth in the spring.

Clean Gutters

As leaves fall, they can clog your gutters, which can lead to water damage to your building. We make sure to clean out your gutters and downspouts thoroughly.

Facility Pressure Washing

Outdoor spaces also need attention. We clean your outdoor patio, deck façade and sidewalks with a good sweep or pressure wash to remove debris and stains. This will help protect these surfaces and make them more inviting when warm weather returns.

Window Cleaning

In the dark winter months, it’s even more important to be able to have a clear view outside.  Not only does cleaning your windows provide a better view, but it also prevents mold and other issues with your windows in the long term.

Irrigation System Blow Out

One of the most important tasks of fall cleanup is to blow out the water sitting in your property grass irrigation system. If you do not, the water will freeze, and the pipes will burst.  From small to large irrigation systems, we can help with it all.

Fall cleanup is an essential part of maintaining healthy and beautiful outdoor spaces. By allowing Montgomery Brinkman to clear leaves, tend to your landscaping, and perform other necessary tasks, you can ensure that your building spaces remain in excellent condition and are ready to look great again in the spring.